Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mean Mister Brownsville~Giving the People What They Want with 5,000 Hits in the First Month

by Jim Barton on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 3:11pm

     The annoying new blog Mean Mister Brownsville( somehow garnered 5,000 hits in its first month of operation shocking the blog world.  The hits came despite the blog not being properly promoted or linked to Facebook.  The combination of lame writing, faulty memory and questionable subject choices seems to be working, moderately if not spectacularly.   Actually, a less than meteoric start is sort of a safeguard against flameout.
     The blog has received no critical acclaim but numerous critical comments, some focused on the appearance of the blogger pictured above:
"Dude chuck the cheap sunglasses. You look like an old pimp."
Or:  "Good work Jim. Drop the Snowbirds Shades dude. But you wont. It's your Angela Davis afro in-your-face I don't give a fuck what you think statement, right? Right? If not, them shades are the cheeziest pair of shades ever and you need to fire your hair fashion consultant."
      The blog also received well-deserved criticism from Erin Hernandez Garcia, a candidate for Justice of the Peace, District 2-2 and from supporters of Juliet V. Garcia, the UTB superstar.   The single most popular story was "Bobby WC's Unflattering, But Humerous Remarks,"  closely followed by "Ricardo Longoria Makes It Personal with the Firefighters."   The audience was primarily from the United States with surprising numbers from United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany and Canada and a smattering from Belgium, Costa Rica, India, Latvia and the Netherlands.
     After Marco Longoria's hearing on Monday, a new story should be ready:  "America's Honors Their Firefighters While Brownsville Dishonors Theirs."  Toward the end of the year the 1st Annual Mean Mister Brownsville Community Service Awards sometimes called "The Meanies" will be awarded.  I'm hoping the award show can be videotaped at the Crescent Moon if Ben Neece will allow and J.J. will do us the honor of the drum rolls.   


  1. Jim, congratulations, your blog is pretty descent. Nice articles and a good read. Thanks

  2. 5,000 hits, WoW! I would call that a bit more than pretty decent. I enjoy reading your blog and I am hoping for justice in the case of Marco Longoria.

  3. We'll see tomorrow on Marco. Thanks.