Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brownsville Sports Park~Still A Veritable Money Pit

     Delina Barrera, BCIC Director, presented the Brownsville City Commission with the an annual report of the group's activities, expenditures and projected revenues.  Of note in the report was the expenditure of $700, 974 for maintenance of the Brownsville Sports Park.  Since the park netted annual revenues of nearly $150,000, BCIC's actual contribution to the sports park was adjusted to $550,000.  Still, this means that the sports park does not collect enough revenue to even cover maintenance, let alone paying for itself.  None of this touches the approximate $35,000,000 indebtedness for the park.
     Commissioner Zamora raised the issue of finding sponsorships for the sports park.  Every sports facility in the nation seeks these, even Cowboy Stadium in Arlington.  BCIC Director Barrera admitted the sports park had a revenue generation problem.  Commissioner Zamora mentioned that a presentation from the management of the sports park about their efforts in revenue generation was needed.  Mayor Martinez agreed that the park management needed to extend themselves to find revenue for the park


  1. It is very obvious Mr. Delina Barrera doesn't know what he's doing. He has a long history of working in different GOVERNMENT ENTITIES AND NO PRIVATE SECTOR EXPERIENCE!!! As long TAX DOLLAR EMPLOYEES ARE IN CHARGE WE WILL LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's Ms. Delina Barrera. . . .


  3. I know however, she does looks and comports herself VERY "MANLY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!