Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Mean Mister Brownsville" Blog Moves to the "Brownsville Observer"

The whimsical, self-deprecating name of this blog,Mean Mister Brownsville, is no more.  The new name, the Brownsville Observer, more representative of this blog's actual function, replaces the old title.

The name Mean Mister Brownsville was a silly take on the Beatle song Mean Mister Mustard, a bloke described in the lyrics as sleeping "in a hole in the road" and "saving up to buy some clothes," but most importantly, "such a mean old man."  Yes, self-deprecation.

The old blog name was also a bit dated with the song Mean Mister Mustard recorded in 1968, well before the birth of many in this city.  A joke or a blog name is not funny if you have to explain it.

Since this blog only occasionally actually "breaks" a story, in looking for a more fitting blog name, I avoided such designations as Reporter, Messenger or Tribune.  Being simply an "Observer" allows one to digest, analyze, mull over the reasons, motivations and consequences before writing.  My strength has never been insider knowledge, but the facility to figure things out, eventually.  Most of my articles editorialize. 

The byline "The Human Nature Behind the News," just below the blog name, has not changed.  It still represents our goal, mission, purpose.   The new blog can be found at